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The subject of intense media coverage, vacation rentals elicit strong emotions. Supporters of vacation rentals cite the insufficient number of visitor accommodations available and tout the authentic experience of "living like a local." Others dread the loss of a neighborhood's character with the introduction of transient intent on making the most of their vacation at the expense of the peace and quiet of long-term residents. Traditional visitor accommodations loathe having competition by vacation rentals who are not subject to the same requirements and contend the lack of job growth as a result.

This course provides a review and update of laws governing short-term rentals on O`ahu, including Transient Vacation Units (TVUs) (aka Vacation Rentals), Bed and Breakfasts, and other types of transient accommodations. The course covers zoning laws on O`ahu including the Land Use Ordinance of Honolulu and the recently enacted Bill 89 with respect to short-term rentals.