• landlord_tenant

The course provides a review of important Hawaii residential landlord-tenant issues and an update on related laws.

Unless the licensee is a property manager, residential property management issues may arise for licensees during the listing and/or sale of real property. For example, the seller may have a tenant residing in the property to be listed and/or the owner may ask the licensee to manage a property to be listed at a later date.

This course should be informative to licenses who have not managed any property, but want to learn more about residential landlord-tenant issues. This course will also be a helpful refresher and provide legal updates to those licensees who are experienced residential property managers.

Upon completion of this course, the licensee should have and/or will have knowledge of a number of important relevant landlord-tenant rights, duties, and issues, review key provisions of the Hawaii’s Residential Landlord-Tenant Code and related legal issues, be aware of some recent legal changes, gain a general understanding Hawaii’s eviction process, and learn tips to possibly avoid evictions.